We’ve teamed up with DolbyIO to offer AI-powered audio mastering. This means that your audio will be automatically mastered by our algorithms, making it sound its best.

This is accomplished by using a neural network to process the audio signal and create a sound that is more pleasing to the ear. This results in a more natural-sounding audio signal that is less fatiguing to listen to. The sound levels can be adjusted for any streaming platform, such as Spotify, Tidal, or iTunes.
You can also adjust the levels for club playback or home listening. Levels are indicated using LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale).

The process is as follows: first, our algorithms analyze your audio and identify any areas that could be improved. Next, they make adjustments to the levels, EQ, and other parameters to optimize the sound.

Finally, they render the audio in a high-quality format that is suitable for streaming or download. When satisfied with your mastered sample, you can click on the pay site and enter your credit card information to purchase the service. A download link will be provided for you, along with your invoice.

Superior HDQTRZ AI Mastering $15 per track

Hear the Difference with HDQTRZ A.I. Mastering

Kienon Lucky

– Cheeky Cheeky


– Bring My Baby Back

Tameko Star

– Something Beautiful

How to get the Best Quality Master

Please refer to the example meter images to ensure that your audio levels are at the appropriate level before uploading your music to Hdqtrz AI Mastering.

It is recommended that your meter displays a green level, and should not display any yellow or red areas. Maintaining appropriate audio levels will assist in ensuring that your final product is of the highest quality.

Artificial Intelligence audio mastering is targeted toward the budget-minded artist who may not have the funds for a professional sound but desire a competitive product.

The audio mastering process is complicated and requires much experience and knowledge to produce a quality product. A typical audio mastering engineer will have years of experience and use expensive equipment to create a final product.Artificial Intelligence audio mastering is a process where a computer is used to mimic the work of a human audio mastering engineer.

Dolby’s mastering technology not only analyzes your track but also listens to it in a manner similar to an engineer, thereby recognizing the nuances, sections, and musical transitions that give your song its distinct narrative. The result is a product that can sound very close to what a human engineer can produce but at a fraction of the cost.The upside to Artificial Intelligence audio mastering is that it is much less expensive than having a human engineer do the work.

If you need a more professional sound HDQTRZ Mastering Studios also offers professional mastering services at competitive rates. Artificial Intelligence audio mastering can be an excellent option for those who are not yet ready for a professional mastering engineeer but still want a competitive product.

This technology has come a long way in recent years and is constantly improving. If you’re considering Artificial Intelligence audio mastering, please don’t hesitate to try our service. We offer a free mastered sample, so you can preview our service before you commit to anything.